Why on earth would they use such dangerous ingredients? If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

Well, as you can guess, it all comes down to the mighty dollar. Bottom line profits! Your health and safety comes in a distant second to their multi million dollar profits. Although the big, well known companies are completely capable of producing highly effective anti aging facial skin care products which are completely safe, completely pure, and produce substantial anti aging results, they choose not to do so. This is primarily because of shareholder pressures ( ie. GREED! )

Skin care companies make their products to a price – and that’s the problem! The bio-scientists and chemists who formulate their products do not have a free hand in selecting ALL the very best and most effective ingredients which they know should be there. They are given an upper budget limit and they must formulate within that budget!

Here’s an example of what formulating skincare products to a price can result in. One of the skin care industry’s most well known, ‘elite’ brands – you know this brand for sure (it starts with the letter C), uses a nasty chemical in their anti aging facial skin care formulas which is technically classified as a PESTICIDE!

It’s called TRICLOSAN – an anti-bacterial chemical which kills harmful organisms on the skin BUT also destroys beneficial bacteria!

Why would any of us in our right minds allow a chemical used in weed killers to be absorbed into our bodies, no matter how small they tell us the dose may be. Sure, for most people there will be no apparent immediate symptoms but what about over the long term? What’s that going to do to your health some years down the track? There’s no research for the long term effects of many of the chemicals used in skin care formulas.

Your skin is your largest organ and one of your first-line defenses against disease, so naturally you should be thoroughly safety-minded and look after it accordingly!

There is clinical evidence to suggest triclosan may contribute to creating strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics because it is so widely used use in skin care products.

I asked at the top whether you could eat your anti aging facial skin care products. As far as I’m concerned that should be the benchmark for skin care product formulators and manufacturers and one of your main criteria when choosing an anti aging skin care treatment. Always keep this in mind: Active ingredients are adsorbed into your bloodstream so it’s the same as eating them! And keep this in mind as well: it’s completely possible to formulate a highly effective facial skin care product from all natural ingredients with no chemicals whatsoever. It’s only a question of cost and desire.

Naturally it’s more expensive to use naturally sourced options for certain ingredients and excipients. Healthy options always cost more. Sourcing high-quality, 100% natural moisturizing oils, vegetable-based waxes and silicones, reparative proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and plant extracts are significantly more expensive. Shareholder pressures in the large multi nationals simply don’t allow the completely natural option to have a look in. It’s a non-starter. They are purely focused on maintaining and increasing their amazingly excessive profit margins.

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