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How Is Our Body Affected With Age?


Biologists and behavioral scientists define aging in their own way. Biologists consider aging as a reflection of all the multiple and characteristic biological decrements that occur after sexual maturation where as behavioral scientists regard it as a reflection of usual and anticipated changes that occur under normal environmental conditions in genetically representative organisms proceeding through the cycle of life.

How is our body affected with age?

Humans hit the highest point of growth and development around their mid twenties. There are a lot of age related changes that occur with aging. However disability is not among those changes. The activities of the body that are mainly affected by age are as follows:

The fat to muscle proportion may increase up to 30%. Naturally, the amount of fat accumulating in beneath the skin comes down and instead the fat starts accumulating in the stomach area. The body’s ability to excrete fat is weakened and thus it increases fat storage.

Decline in hearing especially in cases of the high pitched sounds.

Elimination of wastes from the body is affected due to the reduction in the efficiency of the kidneys and the livers.

The water levels in the body decreases, which in turn reduces the absorption of nutrients that are water-soluble. Moreover, there is also a decline in saliva and various other lubricating juices.

The digestion ability is also reduced due to a decrease in the production of stomach acid.

Sexual functioning declines along with reduction in sexual hormones.

There is a gradual decrease in the hormone levels especially the thyroid and sexual hormones.

There is loss of muscle coordination and strength, along with loss of agility, flexibility, and mobility.

A fall in the feelings of smell and taste.

Due to reduced functioning of the nervous system there is a decline in the sharpness of reflexes. Also learning and memory abilities are reduced.

There is reduced nutrients and oxygen throughout the body due to changes in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Strength and density of the bone decreases.

The ability to make vitamin D from sunlight is reduced.

Muscle mass shrinks and bone formation decreases, probably resulting osteoporosis. This is due to decline in protein formation.

Visual abilities may be greatly reduced. Macular degeneration may occur due to Age-related changes

What causes aging?

There are a number of theories on what causes aging. Some of those theories are as follows.

  1. Immunological Theory

According to this theory, as the immune system wears out, the body is more exposed to diseases and finally it results in death.

  1. Aging Clock Or Programmed Senescence Theory

According to this theory, for each person the aging of the cells is programmed into the individual’s genes. There is an “already fixed” number of feasible rejuvenation in the life span of a particular cell. When the death rate of the cells is faster than their replacement rate, it affects the functioning of the organs and they are not able to perform the functions that are essential for life.

  1. Genetic Theory

According to this theory our cells possess their own seed of demolition at the chromosome level.

  1. Cross-Linking Or Connective Tissue Theory

Alterations in the composition of the connective tissue change the stability of body structures, resulting in a loss of functioning and elasticity, which in turn leads to signs of aging.

  1. Free-Radical Theory

The free radical theory is the most frequently held aging theory and it is has its basis on the truth that free radicals are produced due to continuing chemical reactions of the cells. The free radicals in the presence of oxygen cause the cells to collapse. Like wise more and more cells die or lose their functionality and as a result our body stops functioning totally.

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