Common Questions about Rosacea – Explained by tummy tuck near me NYC


When you have persistent redness and swelling of the face, you want to make sure you do all you can to make sure you find the right treatment option. If you are looking forward to tummy tuck near me NYC

This condition is called rosacea and one out of twenty people have this condition. Men and women both have rosacea and fair skinned people are more likely to get it than others. Here are some commonly asked questions about this skin condition called rosacea.

How do I know it is rosacea?

Rosacea is often confused with acne. Acne is not the same as rosacea and it should not be treated as such. If you cannot tell whether or not you have acne or rosacea, then you need to talk to your doctor. Rosacea will be persistent and may not go away as quickly as acne. In addition, adults do not often suffer from chronic acne as teenagers do, so if you think you have acne, then see if it goes away with acne treatment. If not, then you probably have rosacea.

Does rosacea hurt?

Rosacea can be uncomfortable. When you suffer from rosacea, your skin may feel dry and chapped. It can remind you of a bad sunburn. When you have Rosacea, it most likely affects your face across your cheeks and forehead. In addition, if you have a more severe case of rosacea, then you may have blisters, bump and pustules. These can hurt and if you put the wrong kind of treatment on it, it can lead to burning and itching.

Can I wear makeup with rosacea?

Some make up may make your rosacea worse. Others may actually help. When you have rosacea, you will want to avoid any makeup that contains a lot of fragrance, dyes and other products that can irritate your skin. Instead opt for makeup that works with your rosacea, such as those that contain sunscreen and moisturizers. Liquid and cream foundations often works the best and mineral makeup is also hypoallergenic and can help your skin look its best when you suffer from rosacea.

What kinds of triggers are common with rosacea patients?

Everybody that suffers from rosacea is a little bit different, so some triggers may or may not be the case for some people. For example, some people may be more affected by the foods that they eat while others may be more affected by weather changes or temperature changes. If you suffer from rosacea then you should take the time to pinpoint the triggers that affect you can avoid these situations. If you find that spicy foods or citrus fruits and vegetables cause rosacea outbreaks then you will want to avoid these types of things. In addition, some people are quite affected by hot or very cold weather and when you know what affects your rosacea, you will have an easier time treating the symptoms.

Understand your rosacea, so that you can seek proper medical treatment and attention. Your doctor can help you find what’s best for you and your condition.

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