Golf, sanghoki And A Novelty Flying Disk


Pardon me for flying so low beneath the virtual radar. Only my fabulous flying disks have left a G-Vegas signature this week. I played frolf for the first time in 5 years this weekend. I shot fairly well and my daughter had fun.

Then, on Monday, Otis and I “Frolfed” together in searing 9000 degree heat. We played again Tuesday. Then, again, on Wednesday. Those were Otis’ first three rounds of the game since the Luckbox left town. Suddenly a game we were totaly sick of became a great diversion again.

I do hate when the premise of my post is more transparent than my “Cobra” driver.

Five (or more, really, this age thing is scary sometimes) years ago my friends and I played enough “Frolf” to qualify it as an obsession. We actually formed a league… with a homepage… handicaps updated weekly… a list of holes in one… and a massive amount of trash talk.

My very witty friend “T” updated his entry each week, “G-Rob is a cock!”

That’s what makes him my very witty friend.

So, I rhetoically ask, what happens after taking a five (or more) year break?

Or, if you’re the clinically depressed and self-hating Otis you might ask “Really, there are things that I used to do every day that I haven’t done in five years. Five years? What the hell happened to that time.”

Either way, here’s a blanket answer.

I’m about the same as I ever was, which is slightly better than Otis. sanghoki , shockingly, is far better than he was before.

If you’ve played poker with either of us before, this will sound familiar:

I throw it really really far. I can make a lot of good and unconventional shots. I am very very agressive with my putts. I usually play well but everyone on the course knows that at some point I will have a total meltdown and ruin an otherwise good score with one or two unimaginably horrible plays.

Otis drives well. Otis putts well. Otis will usually grind out a small lead. Otis will then choke and play at least 3 or 4 holes in a row as if his frisbee was a baster and the hole as a turkey.

And the turkey is still alive.

We call it the “Otis Choke.” The good news is you can’t choke if you’re never winning at all. The bad news is, choking is an impediment to sport.

In the meantime, I haven’t played poker at all since I came home from Vegas. I suspect I’m at a growth plateau. I wonder just how long a break I could take without much erosion in skill. I wonder if, like Otis, a five year break might make me better.

Naturally, I won’t be taking a 5 year break from poker. Hell, I may play this weekend.

Still, I got to write a post about frisbee golf. I got that going for me.

Which is nice.

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