Sun protection Care

Sun protection Care (give time to the skin to absorb the sunscreen)

Why do I clear coated the sunscreen, but also in time for the skin to add sunscreen, it still could not escape the fate of being tanning? It is because the sunscreen sunscreen ingredients, it is necessary to fully infiltrate the skin after the stratum corneum, can play a long time to absorb, isolation effect, also not easy to lose the function of the sun, so before you leave home or travel 15 to 30 minutes, the pre-applied sunscreen good your product, you are worried if the dry skin issues, such as sunscreen can also be absorbed by the skin, an important qualification on a layer of moisturizing cream, you can avoid dry skin problems. Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Special care

In the use of make-up water, emulsion gap, gently Activities shoulder and neck, doing simple calisthenics like to play open channels, the function of the body to wake up, let your good mood from the beginning of the day.

Secrets assistant of the early morning of oily skin

Oily skin care alone ordinary cleaning can not get a good skin, and regulation of skin balance, skin is a lack of supplementary nutrition is

Key. Many people have been plagued by skin oil, now under the terms of oily skin care program, become an “oil-free” beauty girl!

Cleansing the skin depends on the state. T zone because oil secretion strong focus on requirements of face wash products rich foam wash thoroughly cleaned; When there are acne skin irritation, they should use a mild irritant and small liquid scrubbing Cleanser; be sunshine after burns , facial skin to be very focused on the protection of the function to restore balance.

Wipe the surface to the formation of skin, regulating the status of the cuticle and the methodology used. Clarifying cotton with moderate dip makeup water, gently wipe the face of each small offices, wipe secretions, so the skin will resume their original glory. Moisturizing effect of a good selection of make-up water is crucial, not only nourishing the skin, while the protective layer to restore the normal operation of the function.

Large supply of vitamin C can also play a role in moisture. Vitamin C could effectively prevent the skin due to poor environmental conditions and the aging of the role of acid-fast high, also has oily skin and close to the ingredients, and has whitening effect of skin-care products is essential.


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