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make the most of wrinkle remover cream and learn how to avoid wrinkles … If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

what causes wrinkles?

can you do anything to delay their appearance?

what should you look for in an anti-wrinkle cream?

what are the different types of wrinkle remover cream?

We women (not to you mention men) have always been concerned about the way we look and will do everything we can to keep the youthful glow of our skin for as long as possible.

Researchers never cease to study the process of skin aging, and every year brings a wide range of new wrinkle remover cream products onto the market, which are meant to eradicate – or at least hinder – the formation of wrinkles.

You can definitely help regenerate skin cells and improve your complexion with the use of a suitable wrinkle cream, always remembering that, what suits one person, may not suit another.

It’s extremely important you find the kind of wrinke remover cream – both for face and under-eye – that best suits your skin type.

So, let’s consider for a moment the sort of ingrediants you should be looking for in an anti-wrinkle cream.

wrinkle remover cream – popular ingrediants

Popular ingrediants include:

tretinoin and retinol – known to reduce fine wrinkles

hydroxy acids, which remove the upper layer of the skin, encouraging new growth

antioxidants – vitamin C, E, tea extracts, alpha-lipoid acid – which diminish fine lines

coenzyme Q-10, which regulates energy production within the skin cells

collagen – a skin protein responsible for firmness

what types of wrinkle remover cream are there?

Over recent years, as well as anti-wrinkle creams containing the above ingrediants, creams containing peptides are also becoming extremely popular, as are wrinkle-freezing creams.

Click here for more information about face cream with peptides.

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While no wrinkle remover cream can guarantee 100% elimination of already-formed wrinkles, there’s no doubt that the proper product for your skin will tremendously improve its structure and reduce fine lines and wrinkles after a couple of months.

But, the best way to maintain the youthful look on your face is to start fighting wrinkles before they show, trying to prevent them from forming as long as possible.

So, let’s take a look at why wrinkles form in the first place, and see what you can do to avoid them …

what causes wrinkles? – “external” factors

Skin aging depends on several factors.

Genetics have a lot to do with the process, but life style is also important.

On average, the first signs of aging will appear in your mid-20s.

As you grow older, your skin loses elasticity because the skin cells no longer regenerate as fast as they used to.

Over the years, wrinkles start showing as your skin becomes thinner, dryer and loses its firmness.

Among the external factors responsible for skin aging, sun rays play an important part.

A few minutes a day of exposure to ultraviolet rays will eventually bring about changes to your skin.

Sun rays are known to reduce the production of collagen, which maintains the elasticity of your skin.

Facial exercise also causes wrinkles, as your skin elasticity decreases.

Maintaining the tonus of facial muscles through repeated exercise will not preserve the youthfulness of your skin, as some claim.

On the contrary, it will make your face’s skin fold and crease, causing more wrinkles.

Smoking not only causes internal harm to your body … it also speeds up the breakdown of your skin cells, bringing about a yellowish discoloration of the skin and, of course, wrinkles.

However, the good news is that, if you give up smoking, you have a good chance of improving the quality of your skin not long after quitting!

Even the way you sleep can determine the wrinkles that appear later in your life!

Do you sleep on your stomach, with your face buried in the pillow?… Then you’re more likely to get wrinkles than if you sleep on your back – especially if you don’t move all night!

what causes wrinkles? – “internal” factors

The amount of water you drink on a regular basis will also influence the process of skin aging.

In order to maintain its quality, your skin needs to be well-hydrated, and lack of water or an insufficient quantity will cause dryness to your skin which, in turn, will lead to a more wrinkled face.

Six to eight glasses of water and natural juice a day is the optimum quantity necessary for your body – in particular for your skin.

Eating habits can influence your general health and the quality of your skin as well.

Foods containing vitamins (especially A, C and E) and minerals, as well as those rich in antioxidants (such as green leafy vegetables) will ensure a healthier and thus better-looking skin.

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